How To Commit Suicide – 7 Best Way To Commit Suicide


How To Commit Suicide- 7 Easiest And Best Ways To Commit Suicide


What I am living for? There is nothing left except pain. Each minute is a decade and it is getting on my nerves. I cannot bear this anymore; I want to finish my life. But How? What is the easiest and best way to commit suicide? How to commit suicide? How can this be painless so that I don’t even realize that my soul has come out of my body? If this is the thought in your mind then let me tell you that you are not alone. I am not a counselor or someone to guide here but what I would write now is something from my own experience. For me suicide is too easy. There are numerous ways to know how to commit suicide and the list is countless but that is not what I want to talk about in this post.


Suicide is all about a moment. It is the moment that forces you to end your life. People who have passed through that moment and still survived often regret their action. Suicide is just a symptom of a bigger problem and that bigger problem is different scenarios that force us to commit Suicide. Study the symptoms to get the problem and your life would be changed.


This post is all about different things happening to you in your life which are nothing but the easiest and best ways to commit suicide or to know how to commit suicide. Make this part of your behavior and you would have no option but to commit suicide sooner or later. It is clear way to know how to commit suicide. Avoid them and you can live again. These are the areas that are nothing less then committing suicide everyday in your life and not living the natural way. Try them and you would not ever ask "how to commit suicide" Lets talk about them now



1) Expectation-Most people commit suicide because they have expectations from others and if others fail they have nothing left to live for. You keep expectation from life, the one you love, you family, friends, mentors etc. etc. and it seems your life is running on expectations only. When no one lives upto your expectations you feel that world is bad and that you life is meaningless. So you have two options- keep expectations from others and get forced to commit suicide or dont keep expectations on others and live your life the adventurous way. The choice is yours. Ask yourself “Am I suffering because I am keeping expectations from others?” and you would get the answer. Stop expecting from people and you would never have to ask how to commit suicide.


2) Comparison- Your life is going nowhere, you don’t posses the luxuries, you don’t have a boyfriend, you aren’t happy while every other person around you have so much promising stuff in their lives. It is habit of people to compare and then feel bad about them. The situation aggravates with time and they feel that it is only them who have all the suffering in life. Not enjoying what you have and spoiling you life by doing comparison is nothing less then committing suicide. You are unique and so are your problems, you life, and your issues. Face them and learn to enjoy in them. Comparing yourself and feeling bad about it is nothing less then committing suicide. Do it and you would asking again How to commit suicide.


3) Feeling Sorry For Yourself- You cannot win, you cannot buy, you cannot perform, you cannot enjoy just because there is some issue with you and your excuse has always been one thing or the other. You are always a sorry figure and it does gets you some attention. Soon you develop a habit of it and feel that people should empathize with you more and more. You get a kick out of it and somehow enjoy it too. Feeling sorry for yourself is like committing a suicide in itself because you yourself close all doors of improvement or effort in your life. Do it and you would always ask how to commit suicide.


4) Negativity- Everytime you look at something you look at bad side of it. You mind is always jealous of one thing or the other. Your whole day goes into thinking about things that holds no importance. Your heart is filled with hatred and you desire nothing but bad things. It is all about mind and with time you have filled it with bad feelings and thoughts. You develop a habit that is nothing but compares to committing suicide. It brings about the feeling how to commit suicide.


5) Not Seeking Help- Internally you know you suffer from things like depression, stress, anxiety but you are afraid to seek help. Something in you stops you from seeking help and you believe everything would be right soon. But the problem aggravates and soon you are standing on the verge to give your life. Not seeking help from professionals or people who matter in your life is among the easiest and best way to commit suicide. Not seeking help would always make you wonder how to commit suicide.


 6) Fear Of Change- You want a change badly in your life but you are scared to take the first step. You are sick of your environment but cannot muster enough courage to go for a change. The end result is that you stay wherever you are and with time create a grave for yourself. Keeping fear in your mind and not seeking change is a form to commit suicide….an extension to asking how to commit suicide.


7) No Work- Not doing any work and not keeping yourself busy soon deteriorates your mind and brings both bad health and thoughts in your mind. Keeping yourself busy is best way to get rid of multiple diseases and sins. Doing nothing and letting your mind wander aimlessly is one of easiest and best way to commit suicide. A mind without work will always ask for how to commit suicide.


I will repeat this again, giving your life is too easy. It is the easiest thing you can do. But the real change lies in facing your life head on. If you are even thinking of committing suicide then read the above points and you would yourself realize that by doing one of above 7 things you have already pushed yourself on verge of committing suicide or asking how to commit suicide. The best you can do now is to reverse its effect. Yes, now that you know the symptom that has caused problem you should definitely take the first step to be atleast positive for this moment and reverse the bad part. Go…….take the first step…….Life is fun, discover it. Kill the problem, give life another chance.



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117 Responses to “How To Commit Suicide – 7 Best Way To Commit Suicide”

  1. Me says:

    What I have come to learn is that those wanting to commit suicide, like me, have the biggest hearts. That is why the world is full of assholes. That is why the world is full of diseases. That is why the greatest people have taken their lives, because the world doesn’t contain that kindness that those who are wishing suicide, the ones with the big hearts, need, want. Those who have cancer, those who have fallen pray to bullycide, the world doesn’t let up on these innocent people…I wish that life was fair…I believe that I will study to help those looking for medicine, a therapist, a friend, a reason to live. You all, don’t give up jut yet, just try to think positive, (and not the positive sides to your planned suicide, I mean the positive sides to your lives living on right now.) None of us know what is beyond death, so try not to kill yourselves, because the results may not be the promiseland of no pain.

  2. Scared and tired says:

    I have a problem asking for help, but not sure where to ask anymore

  3. John says:

    Good article and true points… But what about those who are anarchists and just want to see politicians and governments burn cause I’m sick of living everyday putting up with their tyrannical bullshit and dictatorship control… We are all slaves to governments it’s fucking bullshit and one day the government will pay for their sins…

  4. Todd says:

    I am 47 years old,bipolar,unemployed on wcb.So tired of ups and downs in my life.I have been thinking about suicide a lot lately.I know i will come through this again but i dont want to go through it.Any words of advice would be greatly appreciated.Thankyou.

  5. miesha says:

    Paul i think you are an intelligent individual and i hope you find more to live for, i have attempted suicide several times and true to your word cowardly ways have delayed me i now have a son whom i love dearly but life is no easier for us and i still have those thoughts people have made me feel ashamed for thoughts and feelings i could never control and now as a mother i feel worse i’m 24 no high school diploma no ged no car i work and i have my own place and i swear i try to see the good in things but somehow negativity always seems to find me i cry myself to sleep and wake up doing the same my two year old son actually asks me if i’m okay that breaks my heart it also breaks my heart that i can’t do anything for him i can feed and clothe him just things a mother and son should do we can’t His biological father has seen him twice he beat me when i was pregnant if other men looked my way i didn’t have to do a thing he threatened to kill me and the baby i finally got him arrested and he went on to torture other women until he ended up in prison for drilling a hole in a women’s breast his ex wife’s [btw never knew he got married] bestfriend i met a man and i thought he was the perfect man for me [not my reason at all for wanting to die] he loved my son and me from day one but that’s over and on top of everything else my son lacks now he doesn’t have a father and since he was the only father he ever knew i feel so guilty for that it tears me apart i just wanted to say to you Paul u might not have been trying but you just gave me a little more hope

  6. Ray says:

    This does not help me at all I need to know the best sure way

  7. knowing says:

    you unfortunateley are someone that does not know the never ending pain of a life ending. I doubt you know about one begining. You are trapped within the societey of knowing. YES I know my spelling sucks. I am simply trying to make the point that your point of view is that of others, not the damned or wanting. This strive for attention may have worked for a moment but maybey you need to look deeper at your own issues before commenting on others. People that survive what we experience even if for a short time , know within ourselves that we find our own reasons to continue but can NEVER find one that lasts. When we find that our time has past it is most commonly because we know deep down that the world is failing and that the masses have no desire to understand that they are the sheep we cannot follow. And we all would like someone to remember that we were sheppards. Take it as you will. Which would be more like forgetting everything else stated and only trying to anilyze the part about us not being sheep which in turn can do nothing more than show you are one!! To anyone that truly wants to end the torment that is life I commend you in the thought even without the action. I myself have finally become brave!

  8. Angela says:

    I am a 29 years old well educated and relatively attractive woman with a job that I enjoy doing. However, I do not have a boy friend for 8 years. I have tried everything to meet new people, such as through friends and relatives, hobbies, and internet, but none of them work. I don’t want to continue living this life alone. I see women like me everyday, single, never being married, or divorced in their 30s, 40s, or 50s looking for men, and they look so pathetic. I don’t want to be like them. A life alone is meaningless whether or not you have a career or hobby. I can’t commit suicide now because I have responsibilities for my parents, but this is not the way I want to live my life. What is my problem?

  9. cory chase says:

    This was a fire extinguisher, and at the same time a breathe of fresh air. With the exception of a few grammatical errors, it was pieced together well. I have to admit, my original intent for surfing tonight was altered and a slap in the face was what I got. It is funny how words can sometimes get the best of you but really it’s the meaning, huh!
    Nice Job!
    Thank You

  10. Regina says:

    I listen to people who are older and I hear what they are saying. You work or you perform some task, and then suddenly you are no longer relevant. When you get to that point, you sit in your house all alone, and think about the past because now it is all the past. When I hear these people, I think about the one phrase I kept with me for all these years from a psychiatrist, and now do not believe there is always hope. I kept hoping for something that never happens. I’m not crying, but I am a little sad. I wonder why we keep hanging on. The fact is, no one ever appreciates what you do. Life is a circle and it seems to be futile. You put on a happy face because you don’t want you children to be twisted, but it’s all bologna. I know I have it better than some; I have a good job, I teach children who have difficulty, but there is other stuff that keeps dragging me down. I have realized that it does not matter what I do, because it is all one great big nothing. However, Marianne Moore said it best. We are not living, we are merely existing as styrofoam cups.

  11. Cindy says:

    Dear Jacob Jordan,

    Please seek a counselor or contact an adult you can trust. Your parent are abusers and you need to get out of that house immediately. You are a wonderful person, born to very sick people. God created us perfectly. We live in a fallen world and that is why things can be bad. You live in a very sick home Please seek help outside your home. Find someone and tell them that you are being abused and need help. Keep talking to people until you find help. God sees your situation and has protected you for many, many years. He is walking with you each step of the way and I am praying for you. If you are ever frightened, please call out to Jesus. Just say “Jesus help me” and He will. I promise.


  12. Chris says:

    none of that is true…not for me..I am falsley accused of a felony that I did not commit and am out of work due to it..therefore I am facing prison and cannot get an attorney nor will they allow me a public defender due to my previous income. Id rather be dead than sit in a prison.

  13. Raju says:

    In modern world there is a race for everything. If you fall sort in anything you are going to fail. People are so meaningfull. They are with you till you are profitable to them in some way. I think a wild animal resides in every human. There will always be wars for the limited resources and the one who are stronger going to get it.

  14. Well! I guess I need to think about this again.

  15. Tom says:

    I can’t find a step to help me either….I split up with my wife just over 9 years ago, (her choice). We have two beautiful children who 11 and 13 now that I have had a good relationship with till about a year ago. My money ran out and I do not have a big fancy job so my support payments fell short. I thought good thing my wife has a good job and is able to provide a good lifestyle for my children. Well it turns out about the same time as my support payments fell short so did my visitation with my kids. I’m sure she is brainwashing our kids and intentionally keeping me away from them. It is called Parental Alienation. It is the worst thing to go trough…to have your own children ignore and reject you just because you don’t drive a fancy car or something.
    The world is full of heartless people and their greed for money…I really don’t want to be a part of it anymore!

  16. The poor says:

    It sounds so funny to me you of all people on this planet talking of suicide. Just think about the situation I’m in, then see if you have any word on suicide.
    I was born in Iran during the time when suppression was raging here. I had to go to boarding school when I was ten to get a degree, and after that have been away from my family for the education, even after that we are forced to serve in the military for free.
    Now in my thirties, I, as an MA holder, am still without any proper job and enough earning. I’m still a virgin, and because of the strict islamic rules, and the islamic police harshly monitoring our obedience to it here, I cannot even talk to a lady not to mention having a girlfriend.
    And on top of all these, there are no suicidal consultation here unless you pay an expensive fee for it. LOL

  17. K says:

    I am in the Army and have finally decided to get treatment because I couldn’t shake the suicidal thoughts no matter how irrational they might have been.
    - Wake the fuck up.
    If you are willing to go all the way and end your life, then that is your prerogative, meaning: it is your exclusive right and individual privilege to control your destiny.
    Kill yourself or live for all you can; it is more the sin to waste your life living it in lethargy and self-pity. Stop whining like a bitch and take control of your life, whatever that means to you.
    I have dealt with major chronic depression and seasonal affective disorder my whole life, it’s prevalent in my family; these symptoms have been shown to be hereditary. But I never fucking complained, I dealt with it: all the emotional and physical pain I’ve trudged through my entire life.
    You can do it too. It is your unalienable right to life (or death), liberty (or imprisonment), and happiness (or negativity).
    - Don’t let fear (or life itself) control you. Take control of your destiny.

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