Are You Not Happy With Your Job – What Is Your Reason

Nothing works if you are not happy with your Job. All principals, all good and wise words seem worthless if the biggest part of life does not attracts you. I have seen many websites giving good advice on how to live a happy life but what if the ingredients of happy life are missing at first place. An average person spends about 9 hours in office or at work and the figure is even worse in developing countries. If you are not happy in your office where you spend about 50% of time it is obvious that your outlook towards life will change a lot.

This post will not give you a magic wand but it will help you to structure the questions in your mind. If you are truthful to yourself and do the analysis impartially than there are chances that you would feel better. I intend to present some facts which almost everyone experience at some stage of their working life. An acceptance at times is always a better solution than ignorance.

So let’s start with a basic question

Are you not happy with your Job?

The majority of people would say No. However distribution is skewed in following manner

Young Guns- Few months or years into their Job. The rate of dissatisfaction is very high here. They have high expectations from life and when reality unfolds it is mostly a nightmare for them.

Middle of their Career- These are the people who have spent more than a decade working. They have problems but they have learned to live with it. They have made compromises in life just to service the responsibilities they have in life. The figure of dissatisfaction drops here.

End of Career- Few years into their retirement they have mixed feelings about their job. Dissatisfaction is average here too but the willingness to take risk has dropped to high extent. They want to pass the time peacefully and don’t want any high profile situations in life.

If you one of above and are not happy with your Job than you are among 80% to 90% people who would answer it in a similar way. Even if they say Yes , they are happy, than also they have so much ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ associated with it that it is equivalent to saying No. Everyone always have a Dream Job in mind and they are always looking for it.

So you are not the Only Person who is not happy with Job. You are among many of them.

Now let’s analyze some basic reasons behind “Why you are not happy with your Job”

1) The Job is not as per your Expectation- The truth here is that you rarely get the Job which you like. Most of the times the barriers to entry are so high and situations so hostile that you don’t get even a glimpse of it.

Example- John wanted a Job in media because of his creative instincts. He landed up in finance because no one was ready to give him job in media. He wanted something in the meantime to support himself and his family. He took up the finance job. Now he is more into this job and the media job still seems to be a distant dream.

The Truth- It happens with many people. Human life is all about compromises. Forget about the heroes in movies or great inspirational articles because they don’t suffice your daily needs. The truth remains that you have got the job which you do not want.

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2) The Job Profile is not as per your Expectation- Sometimes we don’t have any problems with the company and the salaries but the profile kills us. The job is monotonous and we know deep within ourselves that we are not growing. We may want to do X but we end up doing Y which has taken out an element of Job satisfaction.

Example- Willy got the job in Dream Company. But instead of client servicing he was given the backend operations. Everyday he worked half heartedly and was getting deep into it.

The Truth- It happens with most of us. It takes years to get something which you like and at times when you get it you lose the charm for it. You live each day just like a constant and stable flow of water.

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3) The People around you are not Good- You may be ok with everything but then people are not letting you live. You Boss is too rude and mean or your colleagues are too bad. Everytime there is pressure on your head that someone would say something bad to you. There are so much politics and conspiracies inside the company that you fear that you might lose your position or job. You had enough of everything and your morale has gone down to zero.

Example- Mike has risen through ranks but now he reports to a person who is very rude and very finicky about small things. The boss has a nagging habit which has taken a toll on his peace of mind. His colleagues say bad things about him and play politics which his making him difficult to survive.

The Truth- This is true almost everywhere. You are lucky if this is not one of your reason. Each individual is different and the way they treat other people also matters. You get nightmares and have developed so much fear that you hate to enter the office.

4) The External Factors that creates job dissatisfaction- You have problems in your daily life which create problems in your job. You commuting distance is so large that by the time you reach home it is almost again the time to go back to office. You office timings do not suits you and the overtime is killing you. You have irregular hours of working and this creates pressure on you and your family.

Example- George jobs involves lot of travelling and working in odd hours. This has created pressure on his family and his marriage is on verge of break down. No one understands him and is ready to listen to him. He has no solution and it seems he makes all the wrong moves.

The Truth- This happens in jobs in different forms. While the reason can vary but truth remains that there is something which affects your job. You may not know the reason for it but it has direct implication on your job satisfaction.

5) The Money- You are not paid according to your profile and you salary is not comparable to industry standards. You colleagues get more than you and you have not got much raise. Similar positions in the industry pay much more than what you get. Your spending has risen to much extent in this economy while your salary has stayed constant. Whatever the reason can be the truth remains that you are not happy with your salary.

Example- Jim was given minimal rise in last two appraisals. His expenditure has increased many fold while his salary has remained the same. His friends now earns much more than he can even think of and he thinks that he is slowly losing the status in the society.

The Truth- Dissatisfaction due to salary is very common. It is at least one of many reasons that a person can find to hate his job. Money has so much influence that people end up making reckless decisions in life.

While you can find some more and let me know too (through comments) but the truth remains that above are some of the basic reasons that cause dissatisfaction. As next step I would recommend you to

Write down the reasons which make you unhappy about your job

Yes I mean it. All through series of next 5 articles I plan to dissect each reason very thoroughly. However I need your help.

1) Take out 10 to 15 minutes

2) Sit with a pen and paper.

3) Avoid all distractions

4) Plan it when you are fresh and motivated

5) List down your reason

6) List down with some explanation

7) Drain out your mind.

It is very important that you put everything in paper. This exercise has a simple aim “To list down your reasons”. This would help you a lot. Right now you might be thinking that you don’t like your job but this exercise will help you to nail down “why you are not happy with your job”.

It is important to recognize the problem. Even doctors won’t treat you if they don’t know the problem. A realization would help you to recognize the problem areas and then you can start to work on it.

Try it and you won’t regret.

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