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Ways Not to Relate with Your Husband

It is the dream of every young lady to marry a man that she loves and that will also love her in return. Any lady going to into a marriage with a m...


It is the dream of every young lady to marry a man that she loves and that will also love her in return. Any lady going to into a marriage with a man that loves her and that she loves will always want to have a happy and lasting marriage with the man. However, many ladies ended up not realizing this dream. Poor relationship is the major cause of broken broken. A lot of broken marriages would have been saved if the couple know how to relate with each other. You are different from your husband but you have manage the differences very well in such a way that it will not cause you people any problem in the future. Here are some of the acceptable ways to related with your husband.

Don't nag your husband

There is no doubt that your husband will get on your nerve many times throughout your marital relationship with him. He may give you many reasons to nag him. But do not nag him. Nagging has never solve any problem in marriage. Instead, it brings broken marriage. There are acceptable means of resolving issues or solving a problem in your marriage. Rather than nagging, you can dialogue with him face-to-face. Let him know see reasons with you or why he should not do the thing you are complaining against. If you nag him, you are hurting him and be ready to face his wrath. Nagging can result in domestic violence and this is why you should avoid it.

Don't embarrass your husband in the public

Again, there be reasons for you to be so annoyed with your husband in the public to extent of talking to him anyhow or embarrassing him. But overlook those reason and avoid embarrassing him in the public. Learn to cover your husband's weak points in the public. If you want to remonstrate him, do that at home or when you are in private with him. Another way of insulting a man in the public is by putting up shameful behavior in the public. For example, imagine attending a party with your husband and getting drunk in the public in the presence of your husband. He will definitely be embarrassed with such a behavior. 

Don't give up cheering your man 

There is no perfect husband or any husband that is beyond failure or mistakes. So, don't expect your husband to be a perfect husband. He may not meet your expectation in many ways including in his jobs but you have to keep cheering him and encouraging him. Cheering and encouraging him will help him to keep trying and overcoming his imperfection. But if you stop cheering him, you are discouraging him and that will amount to killing his ego.

Don't deny your husband sex or take it lightly

Man is a sexual being. Some men are sexually active that they cannot do without. If you want to have a rewarding and lasting relationship, you should not refrain from giving your body to your husband. As you give him food, also give him your body anytime he wants it. If you are not in the mood or too weak for that, you should explain to him with polite voice.

Don't fail to show concern to his business

It is important that you show concern always to the business of your husband. Business here means his dream or whatever his is doing. Most men like marrying women that will ignite their vision and bring it to fruition. You should therefore have knowledge of what your husband is doing and be able to advice him. Besides, you can only appreciate his effort if you know what he is doing.

Don't love your children more than your husband

Your husband is your first child and so you should show him love as well as your children. There is the tendency for women to develop love to their children more than to their husband especially as they advance in age. But this should not be the case. You should not in anyway show your husband signs that you love your children more than him.    

Gun Safety Outside Your Home


Whether you own a gun or not, gun safety is a crucial point to tell your children. This is because gun safety is not only limited at the home. Children play a lot and they do visit their friends within the neighborhood in order to play with them. It is possible for them to come in contact with the gun of the parents of their friends when they visit them for a play. If you have talked to them about gun safety, they will definitely know what to do when such a thing happens or when their friends bring out their parents' gun. This is why it is important for you to talk to your children about gun safety when they are out of the home. Here are some of the gun safety precautions outside the homes to take.

Find out if they know any of their friends' parents that has a gun

It is possible for your children to know parents of their friends that have guns. This is because children normally talk about what their parents have as they play with each other. So, their friends might have told them that their parents have a gun. This is a probability but there is no need to assume that their friends' parents have no gun or that if they have guns, they might have spoken to their children about gun safety. It is not every parent that has time to talk about gun safety to their children. So, you have to find out from then if they known any of their friends' parents that have gun. 

Talking with their friends' parent about gun safety

If they tell you, then you have to tell the parents of their friends to talk to their children about gun safety. The idea of talking this over with them may sound awkward but you should not shy away from that or be afraid to talk about such a topic with another parents. There is nothing wrong with such a topic. Besides, any responsible adult will see reasons with you and will be pleased to talk about such a topic with you. If the parents of your children's friends are not willing to talk about the topic and they have guns at home, they you should consider asking your children not visit their friends again or playing in their home. Explain the reason for that to them and they will definitely understand you.

Tell you children to call their teacher's attention if they see child with gun in school

Nowadays, children are greatly abused in many ways by ill-minded adults. Some adults brainwash children and use them to perpetrate many violent actions. So, it is advisable to enlighten your children about this and tell them what they will do if they notice any of their friends whether in school or any other place going with guns and other dangerous weapons.

Warn them about the use of BB and non-powdered gun

There is no regulation on BB (ball-bearing) and other non-powdered gun such as paintball and pellet guns in most nations. However, they can be dangerous especially when they are not properly handled. Warn your children not to point it at any person if you allow them to use. Such guns should be used by older children or adolescent within 16 years of age and below. You should also provide them with protective eye wear because such gun can cause traumatic eye injuries.