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The Risk of Subcontracting a Service

Most contractors especially in the construction industry use subcontractors to complete some of their projects. Some people get contracts without h...


Most contractors especially in the construction industry use subcontractors to complete some of their projects. Some people get contracts without having the required expertise and experience to complete them. They subcontract it to another business commonly referred to as subcontractor. It may also happen that a company gets a project or contract that involves other jobs that it does not do. In this case, it has to subcontract those jobs that it cannot complete internally to other businesses. The term subcontractor may create the impression that a subcontractor cannot big projects. This is not actually as many of them are also full time contractors with large labor force and equipment to carry out any project. A subcontract therefore is a person or a business that does some job for another company as part of a larger project. 

Subcontracting a job gives many benefits. However, as there is always another side to every coin, it has its own risk. So, if you are subcontracting a job, you should take note of the risk and try to avoid them. Here are some of the risks of subcontracting a service.

Not completing the job on time:

The first problem you should anticipate especially if you are subcontracting several jobs that form part of a project to multiple contractors is the possibility of one not showing up on time or completing the project as schedule. Experiences have shown that some subcontractors do not keep to schedule. They get many subcontracts from other businesses but they end up disappointing some people. The best solution to this problem is to give each subcontractors deadlines on when to start and complete their own part of the job starting with those whose jobs are to be completed earlier before others can do theirs. Call the service provider one week and 3 and a night before they date for the start of the project to make sure that things are working as planned. Have your plan B ready. Switch over to plan B if the person does not show up.

The second problem associated with subcontractors is the problem of speedy and quality delivery. One thing is completing the job on time and another thing is delivery quality service. As evident from experience, some subcontractors speedily completes their job but their workmanship is nothing to write home about. In their attempt to cut cost, they use inferior materials and thus deliver poor quality jobs. There are also situations where contractors deliver quality services but not on time. The best way to avoid this problem is to ensure that you hire reliable subcontractor who works according to agreement and in keeping with good work ethics. You may spend more but at the end you will get value for your money.

The third problem is the problem of a subcontractor destroying the work of another in cause of delivering his own services. To avoid this problem or to avoid spending extra money, you should discuss the project in details with the subcontractors and let those doing their work last know that if they destroy other people's work, they will be hold responsible for it.

Home Designer, Decorator and Architect: Any Difference


If you are renovating your bathroom, it is important that you hire a professional such  as an architect, interior designer and interior decorator to help you design the layout of your bathroom or review your remodeling plan if already have one. Some home owners confused these professionals and are not able to differentiate their services. They are not the same and do not perform the same services. It is important that you know the difference between them. Knowing the difference between them will help you to know whose services you need and when to hire them. Read on to know what each person does.

Building Architect 

There is the tendency for some people to confuse an architect with an interior designer. An architect is a person that draws and designs the entire building including the electrical, structural, heating mechanical systems, air-conditioning, ventilating systems and the structure of the building. In other words, they have engineering and technical skills. However, it does not fall within the scope of your function to advise you on the right type of materials to use, planning of the layout or the placement of the various features in the home such as installation of bathroom accessories and fixtures. Some architects can supervise with the construction of a building though they are not building contractors.

An interior designer

An interior designer is a person whose function it is to design the interior decoration of the various rooms in a home including the kitchen, bathroom, closet, bedroom and living room. He does not help with engineering details and thus cannot supervise the building of a house. But unlike the architect, he can advise you on the best items and materials to install in your home that will suit its design. The plan how the rooms in your home will look like taking their design into consideration. In other words, they architect plans only the structure but the designer plans the placement and installation of various accessories and items in the home. The designer plans the functionality of the furniture and fittings in your home. But he does specialize in matching color and arranging them to create an impressive visual interest.

An Interior decorator

For some people out there, interior decorators and interior designers are the same. It is just a play on word. But in actual fact, they are not the same and they perform different functions. An interior decorator is a person decorate the interior of your home including bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room loft and other parts of the room. Unlike an interior designer, he pays attention to artistic effect and color combination. He applies his knowledge of furniture resources and color swatches to create a visual appealing home. He finds the right items and furniture that will match with the color and design of your home decor. Unlike the designer, he is not concerned with the lighting, acoustics and temperature of the room.

You now know the difference between these professionals. However, owing to fact these professions are closely related, you may find one combining the functions of the other. For example, it is possible to find an interior designer performing the function of an interior decorator just as you can find an architect performing the function of a builder.