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Packing Mistakes to Avoid

Packing is very cumbersome. Whether you are moving house or office, it is important that you carefully pack all your items in boxes and label them ...


Packing is very cumbersome. Whether you are moving house or office, it is important that you carefully pack all your items in boxes and label them very well. In order to have a less stressful packing experience, there are some packing mistakes you should look out for and avoid making them. Making these mistakes which a lot of people made when they are moving house can cause you some headache. Here are some of the mistakes you should avoid making when you are packing.


Not beginning on time to plan and pack

Packing is an essential aspect of moving. It is impossible to think of moving without packing. If you are able to pack your items very well, it means that you have done half of the task involved in moving. As it is mentioned above, it can be very stressful and daunting. If you are looking to do the packing by yourself, it is important that you start on time to plan for it and to start packing. Some people make the mistake of leaving packing till the length hour. Hasty packing can be very stressful and may result in damages, losses and breakage. So, begin on time to plan for your packing and to start packing.


Not having enough packing or moving boxes

Before you start packing your items, you should get as many packing boxes as possible. Get enough so that you will not lack boxes. If you are afraid of having excess moving boxes or carton, then you have reach at an agreement with the supplier that at end of your packing, you will return any unused cartons. If you have such an understanding, then you will not have any problem of having excess cartons. Once, you are through with your packing, then you have to return any unused packing carton and then get rather. It is better to have excess than not to have enough. You cannot manage packing boxes and so, if they are not enough, it will be difficult for you.


Packing your keys in boxes together with items

You should have a separate box or container for you. Don't pack them in cartons or boxes together with your items. If you have pack them together with your items, you will definitely going to pass through hard times at your new residence in search of the keys. Get a separate container or boxes. Label all the keys indicating the rooms they are meant and then keep the box with you in your carry on or in a bag you will keep beside you. In this way, you won't have to start looking for the keys on getting to your new home. Alternatively, you may leave all the keys in the keyhole of the doors they are meant for. Then keep only the key to the door of the entryway. 


Not labeling your boxes

It is a big error to pack your items in boxes without labeling. As you are packing, you should also think of unpacking. Labeling of boxes helps you to have easy unpacking. If you label your item indicating the various items contained in each boxes and what they are meant for, you will have any problem when you are unpacking your items. You only have to look at the labels and then know where each item belongs or the room where each box should go. In this way, you won't have to be opening all the boxes one by one to know the items that are contained in them.


Not measuring the space in your new home

When you are moving to a new home or office, it is important that you know the available space. Know the available space will help you to determine the number of items you will require in the home. But if you don't know the amount of space you have in your new home, you may likely move in with excess items.


Other mistakes to avoid

Not loading items properly and securely in the moving truck

Using flimsy and weak boxes

Packing too much items in a box making it too heavy

Furniture not fitting properly in your new home 

Packing Materials and Their Uses


Packing is one essential aspects of moving. It is the most tasking and engaging part of moving. If you do it very well, then your moving will be successful but if you don't get it right, you will definitely have problem with your moving. Some of the problems you may encounter include breakages and loss of items. However, if you pack your and label them properly, some of these problems will be reduced. Packing is more than putting your items inside cartons. There are certain materials you need in order to do your packing very well. Below are some of the packing material you will need when you are planning for moving or when you are about packing your items in preparation for a move.


Packing peanuts or pellets: This is a lightweight styrofoam. It is used to fill up carton or packing boxes so that there will be no gap left between the items and cartons. It is not advisable to fill your carton with items because it will be make to be very heavy. But leaving some spaces or gaps between your packages and items is also not good. It can result in breakages as the items will roll over. But when this packing peanuts and pellets are used to fill up the spaces, it will prevent any chances of the items rolling over. These items are not expensive and so you can easily order for them when you are packing your items. Most packing supply shop them.


Popcorn: popcorns perform the function with peanuts and pellets. They are good alternative for people that do not using peanuts and pellets. Owing to some reasons such as environmental reasons, there are some people that will not to like use styrofoam. Such people can make use of popcorn.


Newspaper: Old newspapers can be used for several reasons. It can be used to wrap up items for added protection or to provide enhanced cushioning effect to the items. Most people use newspaper to wrap up breakable items to prevent them from breaking as result of shock sustained during move. Newspapers are also placed at the bottom of the moving boxes for enhanced cushioning effect. It can also be used peanuts and pellets but this is not common.


Bubble wrap: Bubble wrap which is available in a number of sizes is one of the most essential packing materials. It is mostly used for the packing of fragile material. It provides cushioning effect to the item it is wrapped with. It serves as water resistance material also. It is difficult for water to penetrate it and so any item wrapped with is protected from these elements of weather such as snow, rain, dew and others.


Labels, pen and tape

Label is used for making. In this case, it is used to indicate the items contained in each carton. With the pen, you will be able to write on the label indicating the items it comes. When the items are properly labels, they are glued on the carton and then a tape will be used to seal the carton. It strengthens the moving boxes and preventing any possibility of the carton tearing. It is also makes it difficult for another person to know what is inside the package or access. Based on this, tape is a good and essential packing material.