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Dating Abuse in Teens

Parents are known to provide the necessary safety or protection for their kids. Howbeit, when the kid grows into adolescent; parents seem to see le...


Parents are known to provide the necessary safety or protection for their kids. Howbeit, when the kid grows into adolescent; parents seem to see less of the risk of dating abuse in teenagers. Hence, the necessary assistance is not provided and the teen in question is left open for the risks. Even when parents seem to know the risks, the methods often applied is obsolete and of none effect.


Learn to know the risk associated with the abuses in teens and its probable solutions.

Especially in this generation, it is no longer safe and recommended for parents to assume that their teens are not at the risks of the abuses of teens. In this case, the abuses in question affect both genders, as in, males and females. There have been several reports of abuses emotionally, physically, sexually, and verbally.


From rough estimate, about 80 percent of teenagers are victims of the abuses of teens and or that they know someone who was a victim, is a victim or has been a victim. In view of this, parents are encouraged to be educated so that they can be aware of teens’ related abuses and how to find a lasting solution to it. The era of turning a deaf ear and blind eyes to these ugly situations are over.


Watch out for the red lines

It has been discovered that despite the prevalence of the abuses of teens, some good number of parents are still not informed. Even when such are reported by the victims themselves, some parents seem to ignore it or assume it could not have been. Well, this may be that the parents do not know the red lines or the warning signs. It is believed that the warning signs or simply put, the red lines will enable the parents to quickly know that their teens are in danger of abuses. Some of these abuses are listed below:

  • When your son or daughter is unnecessarily depressed or anxious. This may be a good lead to determine teens’ abuses.
  • When your wards refuse to take part in usual extra-curricular activities or some other leisure activities.
  • When the teens’ partner is the jealous one and begins to send a number of text messages.
  • When you notice that your wards suddenly stops associating with the friends and or families. Then you may need to swing into action.
  • When you notice that your teens have begun to dress in a different ways. This is a good lead.
  • One of the chief red lines is when you notice marks or bruises that are not explained or well explained.

What you can do as parents

  • One thing that is recommended is for parents to show care and support to the teenage victim. Let him or her know that he or she can confide in you.
  • Parents can also forbid further contacts with the abusers. But this must be done carefully.
  • Seek for professional assistance where you are not clear.

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Parenting that Matters


Over the ages, parenting has been a major concern all over the world. If the world must be a better place for humanity, then parenting must be well looked into. This is because; the family is the smallest unit that makes up the world. Some new parents have received conflicting information about the subject matter, thereby leaving them confused. This write up will highlight the result of empirical research for successful parenting.


Here we go…….

  • Put yourself in good shape at first. There have been various researches that say that children are negatively affected when their parents are undergoing stress. Although, some children may not be bothered with their parents’ stress. Yet the result of the research shows that a greater percentage of the children are negatively affected. Hence, it is therefore necessary for parents to practice stress management so as to have a positive impact on the children.
  • Parents must prevent bad conduct. The parents are encouraged to have a foresight to plan and establish measures to prevent misbehavior in children. Flogging and or nagging will not probably do this. The methods recommended in this case are: tutor the children to cope with situations that may arise; try to see far beyond the present time to avoid any problem from arising; ensure the children are busy, engaged and active especially when they seem to be bored.
  • Seek to know more about child development. The tutelage of experts is very germane. The parents need to acquaint themselves with the behaviours that are common to every stage of child development. At every age and or stage, their emotions and feelings can be well understood by the parents. This acquaintance helps the parents to know how and the best way to respond to the child when such behaviors are exhibited. If you will need to pay to get the knowledge, then do so.
  • Model and encourage praise. Every problem cannot definitely be solved by nagging, verbal reprimand or any other ways for punishment. One better way to get the children learn and sustain a good habit is to model it with you, encourage such habit and praise it. With this, it is sure that the children will stay and sustain the good habit. The praise must be indiscriminate and honest. It is also recommended that the praise be accompanied with a gentle and lovely smile and touch.
  • Make out time for the children. Generally, parents are often preoccupied with both office and domestic issues to the extent that there will be no time to spend with the children. There is great danger in this. It is recommended that some good hours be spent with the kids doing nothing but to pay rapt attention to the child while expressing good thoughts and feelings with the child. The parents can go out for gym, relax at the beach with the whole family or go to the cinemas or games centre just for fun and relaxation. This has been proven to yield positive result in child behaviour.