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How to Choose the Right Career

Most students find it difficult to choose the right career. Indeed, it may somehow be challenging and tricky for someone who has not been in the la...


Most students find it difficult to choose the right career. Indeed, it may somehow be challenging and tricky for someone who has not been in the labor market to choose a career that will match with their aspiration, ability, dream and goal. The right career is not just a high paying job. Certain factors such as your skills, proficiency in the career you choose, the chances of getting employed, your interest, the remuneration and others together make a career good or bad for you. This means that before you choose the right career, there are a number of factors that you should take into consideration. Here are some of these the tips that you should apply in order to choose the right career.


Consider your interest

The first factor that you should consider when it is time for you to choose a life career is your interest. Most young people make the mistake of pursuing the interest of their parents rather their own interest. There is nothing wrong for your parents to help you choose your life career. But when choosing it, you should not overlook your interest. It is you that will be doing the job after all said and done. And so, if you have no interest in the career you choose, you will definitely not have job satisfaction from it. This is why it is important for you to consider your interest first. Here are some factors to consider in order to know a type of job that will satisfy your interest:

  • Identifying people who you admire their career: look around you and take note of working class people around that you love what they do or the type of career they follow. That may be your ideal career.
  • What are your hobbies? Your hobbies are those thing you like doing anytime you are free. Some of these hobbies reflect the needs of the real world. So, you can turn your hobby into your future career. For example, if you like playing football and you can play it very well, you may consider becoming a professional football.
  • What is your best subject? Each subject leads to a particular career in life. So, check the courses or subjects you enjoy doing while in school and follow a career that they lead to.

Consider your skill

The second factor that you should not forget to take into consideration is your skill. You can only do well in your profession if you have the necessary skills. Practice will only help you to perfect the act. For example, if you are good in drawing or construction, you may consider going into arts or building construction. But if you are not able to draw, it simply means that you don't have the necessary skills to do well in the career.

Look at the present labour market in your locality and how it will be in the future

Some careers have better job prospects. So, if you want to get employment easily, you should consider choosing lucrative careers or fields where there are lots of vacancies. 


How You Can Save Cash While In College


Saving cash is easier to college undergraduates compared to the working class persons. This is so because a college undergraduate receives financial aid from their parents or guardians and stands a high chance of saving cash in lumps. However, this may be difficult to college undergraduates who have a problem in managing their finance. This may be caused by change in environment since there are many activities that happen in college. Below are some of the ways you can use to save cash while in college.

1.      No credit cards

However much the credit card offers convenience, the “buy now, pay later”, this will make you spend more money than you should. If you feel you are in a position to handle one, it is better, you seek an alternative like have a debit card instead. This will help you save lumps of cash and spend less.

2.      Bargain

It is normal for you to bargain when you go out shopping. This will help you avoid situation like you being over exploited when buying things. You should therefore not take the sellers price as final if you feel you can get the same product somewhere else at a cheaper price. For instance, used books can easily be bargained hence saving good amount of money.

3.      Stop the bad habits

It is understandable that everyone has one or two bad habits. However, if you have a bad habit of heavy drinking or insane partying, you should cut out such habits if you are determined to save some cash. This may be difficult due to peer pressure and lack of focus to saving cash.

4.      Spare the dry cleaning for the future

Burdening yourself with drying cleaning bill while still in college is not worth it. It is much better for you to buy clothes that you can wash easily. This will help you in avoiding extra expenses such as dry cleaning bills that may be costly depending on the type of cloth.

5.      Be keen when buying a car

However, maintaining a car may be slightly expensive, there are ways of ensuring you use less cash on them. When purchasing a used car, you should look for a car with good gas mileage and with good physical condition to avoid the unplanned expenses. This will help you save huge amount of money that you would spend in case you went for a brand new car.

6.      Set saving goals

When it comes to goal setting, you should be honest with yourself. Since you know how much you earn or given on monthly basis, you should decide on what amount to set aside on monthly basis. Setting your goals and sticking to them will help you in reaping the benefits of saving.

7.      Borrow movies

Many college undergraduates spend a lot of money in buying movies and entertainment. You can avoid this by borrowing your colleague’s movies that is cheaper than buying.

All in all, there are many ways of saving cash in college. Considering hand-me-down apparels, staying home and making your cash grow are other methods of saving cash. If you intend to save cash while still in college, the mentioned tips will help you reap the benefits of saving cash while still in college.