Songs About Moving On

          Going through a break-up is something most likely all of us will experience during our lifetime. It is a very hurtful experience, but in the long run it could be for the best, because it shows you have both the power to stop something when it's not going well and the power to get over something that you thought you couldn't leave without. And of course this is something that we don't need to go through alone. We can always rely on the support of our friends and family. But when it all comes down to it we need to find our own inner strength to get past it. And for this we always need to be reminded of how others did it, and to be empowered by it. So one of the things that I found helps the most is to listen to songs about moving on. Trust me, this is a great idea because it will help you find resources that you didn't think you are capable of. So what are the best songs about moving on that I could recommend to you? Well the list is very long, but for the purposes of this article I have made a selection. And here it is:

1.    I'm still standing by Elton John. After sobbing in the house for a day or two, nothing can help you get back on your feet than this song by Elton John. It is also very upbeat and it will literally help you get back on your feet. This is just one of the reasons why I consider it to be one of the best songs about moving on. It is also an 80's classic which almost everybody knows, so you can even encounter it by accident if you are going out with your friends.

2.    Don't miss you at all by Norah Jones. Moving to one of the most mellow songs about moving on. I love the velvety voice of Norah Jones, and even though this is not the energy boost you probably require when trying to get over someone it is a very comforting song that you feel like your melting in. The message is almost subliminal because you aren't so much aware of the lyrics but more aware of the state you are falling in, and maybe that's why it is so powerful.

3.    Carry on by Fun. I like this band that I recently came across called Fun, and I love on of their songs, namely "Carry on". Surprisingly this is one of the songs about moving on that doesn't refer specifically to break-ups. It is great to pick you off your feet because it has a very interesting crescendo throughout. It start's of very mellow and at the very end you feel uplifted when the drums take over and create a very alert beat. The vocalist is quite talented and that's why they manage to transmit their message so well across to the listeners.  

4.    Tears dry on their own by Amy Winehouse. Amy Winehouse is one of my favorite singers, and I think she is one of the most talented stars that we had in the last few years. I was shocked to hear about her death, and now I feel as though her legacy is even more meaningful. One of my favorite songs that she has ever written is called "Tears dry on their own". It's an incredible song about empowerment that can help you get back on your feet even after the worst kind of break-up.

5.    Fighter by Christina Aguilera. There are very few things you can say about this song. It is practically the definition of songs about empowerment. It transmits the message that nothing is impossible and that you cannot be beat. And when that message is transmitted with all the power Christina Aguilera's voice is capable of, than you have no choice but to listen.

6.    Survivor by Destiny's Child. songs about moving on songs about moving on which I want to mention is "Survivor". A great song, three great voices with Beyonce sticking out, about how women shouldn't be so devastated when a relationship falls apart, because they are true survivors.

7.    I will survive by Gloria Gaynor. And of course, last but by no means least is the song that started it all. Probably the most recognizable song on the face of the planet, there is no karaoke bar, where this is not heard at least once a night.

          This has been my list of the songs about moving on which I believe help the most. I'm sure you have your own selection so why don't you share it with us  in the comment section below. If all of us share at least a tune than sooner or later we will have enough songs to listen to for one whole day.


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