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I am the Best

I am the Best

A grand Welcome to all my Readers. Mystic Madness is an attempt to help my readers achieve Financial Independence. There is a mysterious madness spread out in the world where everyone is running after money. One cannot escape the rat race but can be smart enough to steal the joy out of it. Presuming you have to spend X number of years in this race than why not lets be smart about it.

By Smart Player I am directly pointing to achieving Financial Independence. You earn and you spend and many of us think that story ends there. Well this is a small part of story, you build assets, you pay taxes, you upgrade you skills etc., and there is so much you do that an element of Managing Personal Finance is associated with it. The more efficiently you manage it, the more you can achieve in same time frame.

It’s not easy and it’s not difficult too. My blog would make it easy for you and I hope you would learn from every post. I would appreciate comments and feedback. It’s your money and you can earn more from it- “Afterall Money Attracts Money”

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