Steps for Starting a Business

Establishing a business is not a type of project that you can just begin without proper planning. Besides the important financial decisions that yo...


Establishing a business is not a type of project that you can just begin without proper planning. Besides the important financial decisions that you have to make, it has legal implications. The steps give below will help you to plan it very well.

Step1: Writing a business plan

You cannot start a business without developing a plan for the business. You are half way to success if you develop strong business plan. It serves as a guide to you. You plan should take into consideration the item you will sale, available capital, your consumers and locations.

Step 2: Getting help

Starting a business is not something that one person can do especially a person who has no experience in business or who has not done any business before. So, you can seek a professional help. There are free online training courses that you can use as a help.

Step 3: Choosing your business location

Where your business is located is an important factor that determines its success to a certain extent. You have to choose a location that is accessible. You should also consider your targeted audience or customers. If you are going to sell books for example, it will be better to locate such a business where there are students.

Step 4: sources for finance

Of course, you cannot think of beginning a business if you don't have any finance for it. It is the major obstacle on the way way of people looking to begin a business. There are different means of raising funds for your business. You can apply for loan from a financial institution or a bank. Check if there is any government sponsored program that provide financial supports to startups in your location. You can also request for financial help from family members and friends.

Step 5: Check the legal requirements obtainable in your location

As mentioned above, the doing of business involves some legal activities. There are government laws to abide by. Besides, you have to us work out the structure of your business with a lawyer. Is it a sole proprietorship, corporation, limited liability company, nonprofit or cooperative? This is a major question to ask.

Step 6: Register your business

The business registration process differs from place to place. You should find out what the process is in your location.

Step 7: Obtain business license and permits

In some places, one requires business license and permits before they can run any business. If it is the case in your location, it is important that you obtain a license and permits from a competent authority.

Step 8: Obtain a Tax Identification Number

It is our civic responsibility to pay our taxes. If you don't pay your taxes, you will have problem with the government and if you pay taxes without having a tax identification number, they don't count for you. So, it is important that you ask for it.

Step 9: Order for goods and start running your business

Now, you have done everything necessary. You have to start your business now. But if you look forward to hiring employees, you should take time to learn the responsibilities of an employer. You can source for information from the internet.



Moving Home When Pregnant: Tips


If you want to have children after your wedding, you will definitely be happy when your doctor tells you that you are pregnant. You will begin immediately to make arrangement to get your home organized in order to welcome the new baby. One of the things newly married couple do is to expand their home or move into a bigger apartment. This is because they need more space in order to accommodate the babies items such as strollers, moses basket and others. But one thing is to find a new and better accommodation and another thing is to move into the accommodation. Generally, moving is very stressful but it can become hell if you are moving when pregnant. But you can make it less stressful by doing all that you should do rightly. Here are some tips to help you prepare for it.

Planning ahead

Moving house is a big exercise which can subject us to great stress. It is not a type of exercise that you can rush over. You have to give it time and begin by planning it very well. How well you prepare for the move will determine how stressful the move will be. If you don't plan very well, you will get stressed up a long the line which is not good to your condition. Make a do-list to enable you do the necessary things you should at the right time.

Don't overlook your health

There is the tendency to become engrossed with the preparation for your move to the extent of forgetting your health. You should not forget to take good care of yourself during the preparation stage. You should try to take it easy and do things bit by bit so that you will not get stressed. This is why it is important that you begin on time to prepare for the move. You should make out time to relax, sleep and prepare good meal for yourself. Do not forget your exercise. During your antenatal hospital visits, your doctor or midwife will definitely explain the importance of regular exercise for pregnant women. It helps to you have safe delivery and to regain your shape after delivery. Despite your preparation for the move, you should continue with your exercise.

Register with a new hospital for your antenatal classes

If you are moving out of your current location where it will be impossible or difficult for you to continue your antenatal classes with the current hospital, then you have to register with a new maternity care facilities for your prenatal visits. Take time to research the available options so that you will choose a good facilities. Discuss with them to know when you can start your prenatal visit. But it is advisable to schedule appoints after settling down.

Avoid lifting heavy item

If you are doing the parking by yourself, you should avoid lifting heavy item. It can be dangerous to health and the health of the baby in your womb. So, you have to ask your friends and neighbors to help you with the packing.

Begin on time to pack your item

It is advisable that you start packing your items on time. Ideally, you should start gathering your items together as soon as your moving is decided and the date fixed. In this way, you will not forget anything.

Pack your hospital bag differently

If your delivery date is close at hand, you should pack your hospital bag differently and get it in the vehicle that you will travel with. It is not advisable to keep it together with other boxes in case of emergency delivery.

With the above tips, you will have a successful move.