Office Moving Mistakes to Avoid

There are sometimes in the life of a business when it has to move office to a different location for its benefit. There are a number of reasons tha...


There are sometimes in the life of a business when it has to move office to a different location for its benefit. There are a number of reasons that may cause that such as emerging better business opportunity in the new location, increase crime in the current location, new unfavorable government policies in the current location, high taxation in the current location, relaxed rules and lower taxation in the new location and many more. The process can be very stressful. Some people have passed through it successfully absorbing all the shock. But some businesses passed through it but were not successfully owing to the manner in which they approach the move. If you are moving office, there are some mistakes you should avoid if you want the move to be successful. Here are some of the move to mistakes to avoid.


Not moving on the right time

Before ever you move office, it is important that you sit down and find out whether it is the right time to move. Office relocation is a milestone in the life of your business and if you do it at the wrong time, it will affect your business and may even lead to the collapse of your business. It is like starting a new business in a new location. So, you have to ensure that you have all it takes such finance and manpower to succeed in the new location. If you are financially not stable, there is no need moving to the new location. Properly timing is therefore very crucial in office relocation. Make sure that you are moving at the time. Moving at the right time means moving at a time when your business will be able to withstand the shock and challenges of starting up in a new place.


Not having a clear understanding of the move

Some people move business just like that without taking time to understand what it entails to move a business. Having a clear understanding of the move implies knowing the reason why you are moving, the condition of the new location, the possibility of surviving in the new location and everything about the move such as the cost implication and the effect it will have on your staff and consumers. Before you ever think of moving, you should have a clearer understanding of these issues. This means that you should take time to study the entire process.


Rushing over the move

Relocating an office in a hurry is like moving without planning. Office moving is not like house moving. This is because a lot of things are involved in office relocation. Given that the process is complicated and involves different stages, you don't have to rush over it. You need time to plan it very well and execute it successful. Some experts are of the opinion that more days should be given to the planning itself than the actual more. The greater percentage of the work is done when planning is well done. So, take your time to plan the move so that you will execute it properly.


Relying on in-house relocation service

Office removal is complicated. It requires expert handling. But unfortunately, some businesses make the mistake of trying to relocate their businesses by themselves. This may work fine sometimes but not always. It is a false economy to relocate yourself by yourself. You have to hire the services of experts who know what to do and when to do it. They will help you to carry out the move successful without any hitch on your way.


Not knowing anything about the new location

Before you decide on a new location, it is important that you take time to study the new location. You should find out whether the new location has better business prospect than the old location. You should also look at the crime rate in the new location. It is very risky to establish a business in areas where the crime rate is high. Another factor to consider is the extent of governmental control or regulation on commercial activities in the new location. 


If you take the above points into consideration, you will not make any error during your relocation process. 



Ways to Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency


Many people spend a lot of money every month on energy. The amount spend in energy increases or even triples during the cold weather for people who are living in cold regions or region where there is winter as they have to heat their homes. Even though energy is very important, you can still do a lot in order to improve the energy efficiency of your home and thus reduce the amount of money you pay on monthly basis. Here are some of the tips you should apply in order to improve the energy efficiency of your home and to reduce the amount you pay on energy on monthly basis.


Get enough sunlight when there is sun

If you are living in regions where there is winter, there may not be sunshine regularly. But anytime you have sunshine, you should try and open the windows of your home in the direction where the sun is coming from. As the sunlight is entering into your home, the walls, curtains, furniture and furnishing in your home are trapping the heat from the sun. At night, the heat will be radiating making your home to be a little bit hot. With this, the amount of energy you will require in order to heat your home will be reduced and in this way, you will reduce your energy bill.


Seal up air leaks

Openings through the doors and windows as well as other places creates vent for heat to escape your home from. In order to avoid loss of energy or heat from your home, you should seal up and caulk every opening. It will not cost you much money to seal up and caulk your home. The weather strip and caulk used in sealing up the home are highly affordable. Your home will retain more heat when you seal up openings in your home.


Use more energy efficient heating system

There are various types of heating systems such as electric fireplace, gas and wood fireplace. Nowadays, there are highly energy efficient electric fireplace created with LED technology. You should consider using such fireplaces. It will help you to lower your monthly bill on energy. Some of these fireplaces are about 1200 watts and some use infrared technology to distribute heat to the entire room. Besides have low wattage, some of these energy efficient fireplace come with a lot of feature that ensures faster heating at lower energy consumption rate. So, if you use such energy efficient fireplace and energy efficient home appliances you will be able to cut cost on energy in your home.


Lower your thermostat

When there is nobody in your home, it is recommendable that you keep your home thermostat at its lowest setting. Leaving it on at the highest setting when there is nobody in the house results in a waste of energy. So, there is no need waste energy when you can reduce it and save more energy. Similarly, you should also try to put off appliances that you are using whether you are around or not. Most people leave some of their appliances on when they are not using it. In this way, they spend unnecessarily on energy. But if you put off any appliances that you are not using, you will not spend unnecessarily on energy. During the cold period, heat only the rooms or places where heat is needed rather than heating up the entire places.


Use energy bulb

Nowadays improvement in technology has made it possible for the incandescent bulb that consumes a lot of energy to face out. There is now bulbs made from LED technology which consume little energy. You should try to replace the incandescent bulb in your home with these LED bulb. In this way, you will consume less energy in your home and thus reduce the amount of money you pay on bills on monthly basis.


If you are able to keep to the above, you will end up reducing the amount of energy you use in your home. By reducing the amount of energy you use in your home, you will end up reducing the amount of money spend on energy in your home.