Healthy Eating Habits

Everyone needs to eat to keep life moving. Food is very important in the life of both humans and non humans. It is necessary for proper growth and ...


Everyone needs to eat to keep life moving. Food is very important in the life of both humans and non humans. It is necessary for proper growth and healthy maintenance of the body system. Different categories of humans may require different food intake. For an instance, infants may eat for about four to five times in a day; kids, teenagers, youths, and adults have a slightly different intake of food. The following healthy eating tips may assist greatly.


Healthy eating tips

Ø  On the average, eat three meals per day; that is, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some people take just two meals in one day. Breakfast is just a light meal while the lunch may be a bit of starchy or fatty food to give good energy for the day’s work. Dinner is not necessarily a large meal.

Ø  Let the food consist more of fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, low-fat milk products etc. howbeit, the food combination may be taken according to your nutrition expert’s advice. For those who may want to watch their weight, they need to take their food with respect to professional advice for proper dieting.

Ø  Try to imbibe some eating cultures. For example, you can control the quantity of the food you consume. Once you consume the portion that satisfies your hunger, it is recommended you stop eating. Over-eating may cause some health hazards like constipation, obesity etc.

Ø  Be sure to avoid foods that have calories in excess. Such foods as soda and sugar related drinks contain high calories. Your calorific intake will guide you.

Ø  For an angry individual or a depressed individual or anyone who is suffering from one emotional, physical or health disorder; eating or excessive eating is not the solution to those problems. Anyone with such disorder should go to the appropriate centre or hospital for proper rehabilitation.

Ø  Be sure to avoid as much as possible, uncooked or partially cooked foods. Cooked food or thoroughly cooked foods at high temperature destroy harmful bacteria thus making the food to be healthy for eating. Uncooked foods like fruits must be washed properly to remove any harmful element.

Ø  People with some health conditions like diabetes are advised to visit the doctor or a dietician for proper direction on the best types of foods that they should consume to avoid worsening the conditions. In addition, people with strict schedules at work may ensure they stick to the three meals in a day routine.

Ø  If you want to lose weight, be guided not to take foods that are rich in fats and sugar. These categories of people may eat fruits and vegetables, but should also avoid the intake of meat and dairy products.

Ø  It is very important at the early stage to seek the doctor’s advice if the food that you eat is causing some health problems. If peradventure you do not know how to control your glucose level for diabetes patients, kindly seek a medical expert’s advice.

Looking Good Always


Looking good is very important. It is something that everyone ought to be ritualistic about. Many people are just being unnecessarily lazy to ensure that they look good, beautiful or handsome. It is germane to say at this juncture that beauty is no longer only in the eyes of the beholder. Beauty is now in the eyes of everyone that will look at you.

In the beginning

The journey to the destination of looking good starts in the morning during your showers. Be sure to remove the dead skin cells before you start applying body wash. Ensure that there is very little or no oil loss by keeping the temperature of the water not too hot. Then gently make use of dry towel to dry your skin. Apply very good quantity of lotion to the skin. Drink enough water to keep the body hydrated.

Perform maintenance check on your eye-brow. If it needs to be trimmed, trim it. It gives you a very perfect look. You may also need to do some experiment by replacing your favourite products like shadows, lip gloss or eye-liner, with a new one to see how you look when you wear it.

In the day time

During the day time, ensure that your beauty kits are not far away from your side. The kit must be readily available to you so that at your closing time at work, you can easily and simply apply the correct make-up. It is not only the face; even the hair must look nice and intact. It must be brushed if necessary. Worthy of note is your posture. At any point in time, when you need to stand; stand upright with good posture that will radiate your beauty from the inside. When you need to walk, walk smartly and perfectly but not rickety.

Before you finally go to bed

No matter how tired you may be, no matter how the day’s job might have weighed you down; there are certain things you must do before going to bed. Have a very good shower. Soak your body into water to remove the dirt in the skin pores. Ensure there is good air ventilation in the room to keep your body dry and calm. Make that all your manicure and pedicure are well preserved. If any nail is removed, put it back. Recoat any scratched or faded nail.

As you go to bed, it must not be with moist or wet hair. This is because it increases the risk of being broken. Brush your hair very well and keep it tidy.

These routines are to be done on daily basis to care and sustain your beauty. Do not be lazy to carry the routines out every day. In the case that you do have further questions, you are free to consult a beautician or a beauty expert. It may also be recommended that you visit the beauty expert on a regular basis for some regular check that may be necessary.