Choosing a Self-Storage Facility: Tips

Self storage is one of the storage options you have if you are looking to pack your items in a storage facility during your move. You can also keep...


Self storage is one of the storage options you have if you are looking to pack your items in a storage facility during your move. You can also keep your items temporary in self-storage facility in order to decongest your home or to secure your items properly. In a self storage facility, you will be allowed to access your items anytime your like or as stipulated in the terms and conditions of the service. There are a lot of self-storage facilities in many places just as there are a lot of other businesses. However, it is not all the self storage facility that offer the best services. When you are looking to move your item in storage, it is important that you hire a good self storage facility. Here are some of the tips to enable you hire a good self storage facility.


Consider security

The first thing you should consider before you should any self storage facility is the security put in place by the self storage facility. Your items are highly valuable to you and that is the reason why you are moving them to the storage unit so that they will be protected. You will definitely like to get them anytime you want in good condition. You will not like to look for any of the items. Even if you secure them, it can be stressful to ask for claims. It is not uncommon for burglars to gain access to storage units and go away with valuable items pack in them. This is why you should ensure that the facility has adequate security.


Adequate security here is not only limited to security against human intruders. There are other factors that can impose security threat. Insects, pest, mould, rodents and even fire are security threats. So, you should ensure that the facility has adequate security measures put in place against not only human intruders but other security risk factors. A good facility should have human security, surveillance system, fire alarm system, strong storage unit and environment treated against insects, pest and rodent.


Go through the terms and conditions

It is important that you go through the terms and conditions of the services of the facility you want to hire their services. Check if they allow access to the items pack in their facilities. Normally, self storage facilities allow access to their facilities but the major difference is the time the access is given. It is recommendable that you hire a facility that allow access on 24/7 basis. You will not be stranded in case there is a sudden need for the items you pack in the facility.


The size of the unit

You should hire a self storage facility that have various sizes of the unit but ensure that the units provided to you are suitable for you. Don't hire units that are too large for your time unless you want to pay for what you will not use. In the same vein, it is also not good for you to hire units that are not enough for your items or units that will require you to force your items in.


Check the features in the unit

Storage facilities provide several features in their units to suit different storage needs. The storage requirements of different items differs. If you are storing items that are sensitive to temperature for example, you will require a storage facility that has temperature control features. So, you have to check the feature available in the storage units and make sure it will suit you before you rent the storage units.


Get quotes from facilities

You should not consider only a facility because the facility may provide services at higher price. You should consider many facilities if you care about the cost and then hire any one that is ready to provide their services at affordable price. Get quotes from at least three facilities that you are satisfied with the level of services they offer and your judgement should base on your finding. Compare their quotes and go for any one that is ready to offer you the best price.

Organising Your Self Storage


If you have finally decided to rent a self storage unit and you have found one that meet your requirements, it is important that you take time to organize your storage unit. Getting your storage unit organized is very important. Don't just move in your item in store. Remember, these items are valuable to you and this is one of the reasons why you want to keep them in the storage facility. So, you should get the storage unit and the items in them well organized just as you will take time to get your home organized. In this way, you will know when your items are tempered with or when there is an unauthorized access to the storage units. Here are some tips to help you get your storage units organized.


Use protective sheeting or boards

The floor space of the storage unit provided to you may not be clean and even and can cause some damage to your item. In order to prevent any damage to your item as a result of rough and dirt floor space, then you should spread protective sheeting or place boards on the floor space before packing in your items in the facility. In this way, you will protect the items.


Heavy items

If you are moving heavy items into store, you should try to look for help. It is not advisable for you to begin to lift heavy items alone. It may cause you some problems such as dislocation. To avoid such occurrence, you should look for help. Find out if the facility provide trolley and any other machine that you can use to lift and pack heavy items. Some facility provide such machines. But in case such machines are not provided, you should ask for the help of your friends or hire people to help you pack in the items.


Leave space for getting around

When packing in your item, it is advisable that you leave enough space in your storage units so that you will be able to get around and access any time you may need at a particular time. It is not advisable for you fill up the entire unit without creating a passage way. Such a space can be created either the middle or at a corner in the extreme.


Put in the heaviest boxes first

If you pack your items in boxes, you should ensure that you keep the heaviest items at the bottom. Place lighter boxes on top of them. In this way, you will not damage any of your items. However, you should ensure that the items the items you will need most frequently are pack in front even if the boxes containing them are heavy. In this way, you will avoid waste of time when you want to access any item. Since, the box containing them is in the front, it will be easy for you to access the item quickly.


Don't lean your furniture against outside wall.


Don't rest metal objects on the box containing fragile items.


Put moisture absorbers, vermin bait and deodorizers in your storage units n case you are worried about the environment.


The above are some of the tips you should apply in order to get your storage facility organized.