When Do You Need to Take Protein Supplement

The truth is that protein supplement can be taken by anybody at any stage in life in so far as protein is a vital food nutrient required by the bod...


The truth is that protein supplement can be taken by anybody at any stage in life in so far as protein is a vital food nutrient required by the body for certain function throughout life. To say that you do not need protein is tantamount to saying that protein is no longer useful to your body. However, despite the fact that protein is highly essential in the body, there are some stages in life when you need more protein or certain conditions that may make you to have a need for more protein. During such stages or circumstances, you will need to take protein supplement in order to keep up with your body protein intake. You may consider taking protein supplement under the following life stages or conditions.

During your teenage stage: teenage stage is one of the vital stage in life. During this time, a person is still growing. The teenager engages in a number of things including schooling. It is the time a person lays foundation for his future life. Growth is normally at its peak during this stage especially at puberty. A person needs to take protein supplement in order to obtain enough protein for repair of tissue and proper growth. The growth process coupled with other activities the teenager engages in consumes a lot of energy, nutrients and vitamins. A lot of body cells and muscles are damaged during physical activities and thus, they need to be repaired. This is why the teenager requires more protein intake in order to beef up the level of protein he has.

When you are recovering from an injury: it is a well known fact that protein helps in injury recovery and the repair of tissues. If you are injured whether you are an athletes or not, you should take protein supplement in order to facilitate your recovery and healing process and time. If you don't get enough protein during this period, recovery will take longer time.

If you are a vegan: vegetarians or people that follow a vegan diet may not get enough protein from their diet because their dietary plan does not contain enough protein sources such as chicken, meat, eggs and fish. So, they may go on protein supplement made from plant sources in order to imp their protein intake.

Bodybuilders and athletes: bodybuilders and athletes are among the people that require protein supplement. The body uses more nutrients and protein during exercise during which a lot of body tissues and cells are damaged. There is a need for you to take some protein supplement in order to replenish what has been used up and also to facilitate or enhance the repair of dead tissue of the body.

Aged: elderly people also may have a need to take protein supplement to help them improve their general well being.

The above are some of the situations that may require you to take protein supplement.  

Is Protein Powder Good for You?


If you are an exercise buff or you do frequent the gym, you would have heard about other bodybuilders, exercise buffs and athletes working out in the gym discuss about the the various protein shakes and supplements they normally take before, during and after workout in order to build up energy, gain more muscle and recover after intense workout. Apart from bodybuilders, there are other people that take protein shakes as meal replacement in order to boost their protein intake and improve their immune system. The truth is that more and more people are taking protein supplements for one reason or the other. Virtually, every nutrition store both offline and online sells one type of protein shakes or the other. Whether you are an athlete or not, it is important that you know more about protein shakes before you start taking them. Here are some important facts about protein supplements.

What are protein supplements?

As the name already tells you, protein supplements are supplements that contain as its major or basic ingredient one or many types of proteins or protein sources. Therefore, it is not every dietary supplement is a protein supplement. A protein supplement may also contain other ingredients in various degree but the major ingredient is a protein. There are a number of protein supplements that are made with organically or naturally produced protein sources without any artificial sweeteners or chemical additives. However, there are also some that are made with industrially manufactured proteins and other additives. The above explains why protein supplements differ in their qualities.

Protein supplements are available in a number of types. There are whey proteins which are fast releasing and digesting protein. There are also casein protein which are slow releasing or digesting protein. Other types of protein supplements are egg protein supplement and vegetable or plant based supplement. Vegetable protein supplements are available in a number of types depending on the type of major plant protein source that is used in producing them. Each of these types of protein sources has its advantages as well as disadvantages. Though, they are classified as protein supplement, some give better result with little side effects than others. They also differ in their price. Some products are sold at a higher price than others. 

Protein supplements are available in different forms to suit different needs. There are protein powders which are mixed with water or any appropriate liquid before they are taken. There are also some that are available in liquid form. You all need to pour the required quantity in your cup and take without mixing it. Protein supplements can be taken for a number of reasons as it was mentioned above. There are some that are made for athletes and bodybuilders to be taken before beginning their workout. Such protein supplements are meant to supply them with energy that will sustain them during their workout. There are also some that are to be taken during exercise for more energy supply. There are also shakes that are taken after exercise to facilitate recovery. You will also find protein supplements that you can take in order to boost your immune system, remain healthy and enhance your protein intake. Such protein supplements are suitable for people that don't get enough protein in their diet. It can also be taken to maintain body physique, reduce and maintain weight and build lean muscles.

From the above, it is evidently clear that protein supplements are not just meant for athletes and bodybuilders. It is available in different types to suit different needs.