I'm Amit and currently work as Operations Manager in a Mid Size Firm. I did my engineering to join family business. I lost interest in first year of my job and went for Business Studies. Being one of the best in marketing class I was pretty confident of making a big into the league. However Life had something else for me. It was a time of dot com burst and I managed to get a Sales job. I failed miserably in Sales and started to look out.


My next job was related to Services Industry which somehow started to work for me. During this period I got the real taste of corporate life. My work life has been marred by both good and bad experiences related to people and profile. To me it was a real jungle out there where you not only need to survive but also create a place for yourself. There were moments where I really wanted to quit to ones where I got rewarded too.



Mystic Madness relates to Personal Development for your Professional life. In all these years I have learnt that hard work alone wont get you success (You must have heard of such things but experiencing it in real life is very Different). You need variety of soft skills in order to rise in your job and business. These skills are sometimes most desirable and sometimes most hated. But the important point is that they work. In Mystic Madness I plan to take such skills one at a time and would write exhaustively about them. They are nothing but Practical and if used  wisely they have the potential to make things happen for you. These are my experiences tested over all these years and everything I have been reading day in and day out.




Welcome to Mystic Madness. Think Different. Rock Life



If you have any feedback related to my blog or want me to help you, Please do not hesitate to mail me at contact[at]mysticmadness.com.